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TOS Agreements

Prior to any sale, there is a stated set of terms intended to govern the mutual agreement between the customer and merchant. The TOS Agreement is the most important page on any website.

Many consumers are �too busy� to read lengthy terms on a merchant site and many business owners don�t even carefully read their own stated terms until problems arise, reputations are eroded or damages are awarded.

Terms Of Service Agreements

A Terms Of Service (TOS) agreement is a binding document that establishes your rights with regard to any transaction associated with a particular website. While it is true that your rights may extend beyond the stated limits of a TOS, seeking to gain restitution outside the framework of the agreement often involves legal expenses and 'more trouble than it's worth' for many consumers. The best way to avoid TOS problems with a subscription or product provider online is to actually review the TOS prior to signing up or checking out.

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