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Policy Review

Website Secure is established for the purpose of certifying ethical merchants that provide products and services to consumers in a fair manner, the following Established Standards are enumerated as examples for the purpose of applying our certification seal in an impartial manner

Applying our certification seal in a fair, impartial and ethical manner is essential to maintaining and increasing the value of our service for consumers and merchants alike.

Established Standards

Listed below are some of the standards we rely upon when making decisions about the inspection or certification of a website. We do reserve the right to amend these standards, and the sole discretion to interpret them:

  • All products or services must have defined pricing, requirements, or obligations clearly displayed for consumers prior to the point of sale.

  • The product or service must cost no more than the stated fees, dues, pricing or payment requirements plainly stated prior to the point of sale.

  • The product or service must be provided in useful, complete and working condition up to the quality standards promised as part of the tour, sales pitch or marketing materials.

  • Consumers must be addressed in a polite, secure and ethical manner by all support staff or customer service representatives employed or directed by the merchant.

  • Reasonable requests for refunds, exchanges, credits or other remedies by any consumer must be addressed in an ethical and impartial manner. Failures on the part of a certified merchant, company, individual or website are grounds for reimbursement to the consumer.

  • All consumer identification information and privacy related data must be handled by the certified entity in an ethical manner. No 'spam mailing' or sharing of private information without consent of the consumer shall be tolerated.