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Official Seal

The WebsiteSecure.org Official Seal offers immediately recognizable visual assurance that your website is trustworthy and secure.

Gaining the trust of new potential customers online is important and possible. Brick and mortar businesses get �face time� with clients, allowing a more personal first impression. WebsiteSecure.org certification balances the equation for honest digital businesses.

Official Seal

The official WebsiteSecure.org Certification Seal is a well-known and generally accepted symbol of honest ethical business online. Website owners and merchants who display the Website Secure Seal are able to differentiate their web properties from the many inferior and disingenuous fly-by-night companies that seek to defraud consumers online. Our continuous monitoring of all sites bearing the Website Secure Seal means that when a consumer sees our mark on your join page or digital shopping cart, they are more confident that your site will provide them with a safe, secure and ethically fair shopping experience.

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