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Identity Theft

The internet is a neutral technological marvel, it is used by some people that wish to change the world we live in for the better with profoundly positive results. Unfortunately, not everyone is ethical.

Unlike a bank account or a phone number, your identity is something you literally work your entire life to build and improve. Decades of effort creating a reputation, credit history and identity can take only a few days or hours to be destroyed.

Identity Theft

As commerce has evolved from cash on hand to digital credit based transactions, so have the criminals who seek to steal value from consumers illegally. In the 1950s a criminal might try to grab someone's wallet or break into a store late at night. Today, most wallets have more plastic credit cards in them than dollar bills, and an increasing number of stores have become virtual websites without a physical storefront to infiltrate. Today's criminals are online and much more interested in information than anything else.

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