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Certification Pricing

Certification has a great deal of value for business owners because it adds credibility to your site for many WebsiteSecure.org consumers who look for our seal and are unfamiliar with your product.

We have intentionally kept the cost of inspection as low as possible because we want to be sure that every honest website can afford to be certified by WebsiteSecure.org. It�s about creating a bright line for consumers who can always be sure with Website Secure.

Certification Pricing

WebsiteSecure.org puts each new domain through an exhaustive investigative process that utilizes a combination of computer scripted verification methods and human effort. Upon completion, a detailed site report is generated showing any notable defects uncovered during the evaluation. Site owners are then given the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to qualify for full certification of their website.

Sites Inspection Monitoring
One Site $50.00 $29.99/Month
Multiple Sites* Contact Us For A Quote

The time and effort required for an evaluation to be thorough does require an inspection fee as detailed by the chart above. Each domain is routinely reevaluated to verify continued compliance for the duration of the certification period selected by the site owner. All inspection fees are nonrefundable if a site fails inspection or is later changed in a way that materially breaches WebsiteSecure.org standards.

Sites are monitored on a recurring monthly basis and are authorized to continue displaying the Website Secure Certification seal as long as they remain in good standing and maintain full compliance with our ethical guidelines. Sites that fail to pass inspection or that are altered in ways that materially breach our certification standards will be unable to display our seal until such time as they remedy any ethical discrepancies or remedy any new errors upon notification from our support staff. All compliance determinations are made at the sole discretion of WebsiteSecure.org

* Site owners wishing to certify more than five domains or wishing to certify multiple versions of the same domain name should contact sales@websitesecure.org for a custom pricing estimate.